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Avolites-Wiki start page

Welcome to the This site is dedicated to Avolites lighting consoles (see and In particular, this is meant to be a place for custom-created content and information: there are many things not mentioned in the manuals. And as Facebook, youtube and various forums have their difficulties in making things permanently available, this wiki might be a good place.

At the moment it is planned to provide contents like

  • Introduction to macros – information and examples to complement the Avolites Titan API with regards to writing macros
  • External Control – controlling Titan from external programs and vice versa: Triggers, Timecode, MIDI, WebAPI etc.
  • Personalities – a slightly more comprehensive guide to writing and adjusting personalities
  • Shapes -- Introduction – howto write and use your own shapes
  • Ai Knowledge Base – the newest addition: in-depth explained examples for the use of the Ai media server, in particular its patch engine

The beauty of such a wiki is: it can be changed and extended at any time. As such it might be interesting to watch the Recent Changes.

There is no need to register if you simply want to browse this wiki or download something from here - read access is free.

In order to leave comments you need to register with a valid email address.

Only if you want to contribute you need to register AND be verified by the wiki owner - give me a shout if you are interested. I recommend you make yourself familiar with writing in a wiki in the playground. Write access is only granted if you can show active interest and knowledge of writing articles.

When writing or editing articles please adhere to the Avolites Wiki Writing Guidelines.

Have fun :-)

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